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American rock band Incognito Cartel twists 60s rock and 80s Americana jangle pop into a 21st Century retro sound.

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News Flash

21st Century Jangle Pop Rock

From the USA's famous Music Row in Nashville TN, retro rock band Incognito Cartel is making waves with their Americana jangle pop rock sound, which is heavily influenced from the great early '60s bands such as the Byrds, the Band, Hollies, Animals, and the '80s jangle pop of Tom Petty. The largely up-tempo songs are heavily flavored with jangly guitars, '60s retro keyboards, and hypnotic 2, 3, and 4 part harmonies.

The band's fan base is growing in leaps and bounds, fueled by the September 2016 release of their debut CD "In a World Upside Down," and further accelerated with their 2018 album "Last Bus Stop."  Incognito Cartel's U.S. and international following continues to grow on the strength of their catchy tunes.  their Facebook fan page has grown to nearly 3,400 fans, with many, many more on their Reverbnation page. 

Incognito Cartel is the brainchild of songwriters/guitarists Tom Templeman and Steve Rempis, who both desired to play in a band again after years of being indie songwriter/artists. They were quickly joined by Tom's wife, veteran bassist Terri Templeman, and mutual friend, keyboardist/songwriter Don Gaylord. The band welcomed new drummer Frank Larkin into the fold, and he made his debut with the group in the July 2018 shows.

In a sea of overdone musical genres, Incognito Cartel is breaking new ground with a sound that has been sorely missed in the music industry. The band's rising success has come from their internet fans as well as a loyal local following from their live shows. The band is a regular feature at the Commodore Grille, and performs at some major events and festivals, including the annual St. Jude Rock 'n' Roll Marathon, Coopertown Barrel Festival, the renowned Opry Mills Unplugged show series, and the internationally known Nashville Hot Chicken Festival. Incognito Cartel would like to tour one day, but in the meantime plans to continue building success as a recording artist and a regional indie performing act.