American rock band Incognito Cartel twists 60s rock and 80s Americana jangle pop into a 21st Century retro sound.

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21st Century Jangle Pop Rock

Our third CD "Cold Moon" is here! 

Americana jangle pop. This is not the genre you expect from a Nashville TN-based band; and retro rockers Incognito Cartel make it very clear from the first downbeat that they are not your run of the mill Music Row group. From their eye-opening 2016 debut CD "In a World Upside Down" through their melodic 2018 sophomore album "Last Bus Stop", their sound has spread across the USA and is finding homes in Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and with a surprisingly large fan base in Brazil.

 Incognito Cartel's unique and refreshing uptempo style is heavily influenced from the great early '60s bands such as the early Beatles, Byrds, Hollies, Animals, and the '80s jangle pop of Tom Petty. The largely up-tempo songs are flavored with jangly guitars, '60s retro keyboards, and hypnotic 2, 3, and 4 part harmonies that are also reminiscent of The Band and the Eagles.

 Their live performance popularity has made them regulars at famous Nashville area venues such as Commodore Grill, Bobby's Idle Hour, and Copper Vault, as well as larger outdoor events such as the Nashville Hot Chicken Festival and are an annual feature act at the Barrel Festival and near the finish line of the St. Jude Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in Nashville.

 Incognito Cartel is the brainchild of songwriters/guitarists Tom Templeman and Steve Rempis, who formed the group after years of being solo indie songwriter/artists. They were quickly joined by Tom's wife, veteran bassist Terri Templeman, and mutual friend, keyboardist/songwriter Don Gaylord. The newest member, drummer Frank Larkin, is an enthusiastic and welcome addition to the band lineup.

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